Monday, 24 May 2010

Honouring our Heroes

This could have been an easy project for me but me being the numbty head that I am, I forgot my camara! However, I will post the selection that I have and make a mental note not to be so forgetful next time....

This ceanothis was planted to mark the spot where my sons first hamster "Spangles" was buried last year. A strange heroe but she was his heroe. She taught him about love, caring and responsibility. When she became ill, I explained the situation to him and told him that as she was his hamster it was up to him to decided when the time was right to have her put to sleep. He made that brave decision.

This is the War Memorial in Rossett village. My sons are very young in this picture but I can guarantee that this memorial has not changed apart from the floral tributes which are updated regularly. It is dedicated to the memory of those from our village who fell in the two great wars.

This is my big brothers grave stone where his ashes are inturred in the grounds of Gresford Parish Church. The words on his stone say it all. He was my heroe, I walked in his footsteps every single day of my life until the day he died.

The stone in Wrexham town centre dedicated to those heroes who fell during the wars in the far east.


  1. sad story about the hamster but what a brave little boy to make that choice. cute shot of your boys sitting by the memorial. I like your choice of heroes.

  2. I think some of your Welsh heros fought in the jungles of Borneo. I was in Primary school and next to my school were barracks where British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers stayed when they were not fighting in the jungle.

  3. Lovely choice of heroes, Sara. I am touched by your tribute to your brother. As the oldest child in my family I always wanted a big brother and adopted my friend Marie's brother. He sure was my hero. Marie was at my side when we buried my father and we discovered that Dad was to lay at rest only three paces from her brother, John. That really eased my sorrow!

  4. I love your choices here. What a nice tribute to a wide range of heroes.

  5. I am glad to see your brother honored so nicely.

  6. Some of your Welsh heroes fought the Japanese , defending our county Singapore, during the WW2. There's a War memorial in Kranji dedicated to the soldiers fighting the war , I'm going to make that trip there soon.