Friday, 20 August 2010

Guess what it is!

Poor show for me this week! However, who can guess what the really tall building is?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Roads and Pathways

Joe and Harry running around the crop circle which is being built in Attington Park walled garden. They loved following the pathway to the centre and back again
Attington Park, this must have been the Stable Managers house because it is attached to the stable block. The flowers were beautiful there, a real cottage garden! The National Trust Volunteers were working really hard.
The Monkey Forest in Staffordshire. It was great seeing all of these monekys living wild in their own packs. This one was busy on our footpath foraging for something
Erddig Hall Gardens, coming through from the Rose Walled Garden into the main garden area.

Jason with Joe riding Cola across the footbridge by our livery yard in Rossett.

On our adventure to Chirk Castle, we followed a grass pathway which led to this little peaceful hide hole

The paths in Chirk Castle gardens led to alsorts of wonderful places with the most amazing plants.

This is the footway into Chirk Castle. The buildings you can see are add ons from when the Castle was built by Edward I in 13th Century.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I love the smell of the sea!
Walking through the woodland part of Chirk Castle we stumbled across a stone hut which probably belongs to the gardener. We peaked through the window and the smell of burnt wood was so powerful. They had been making charcoal there and those sacks are full of it!

Chirk Castle gardens! I love this part of the garden because its like a cottage garden and the smell of flowers is lovely.

The smell of our pony Cola, there is nothing in the world like it. Whenever I smell him I am transported back to childhood and happy care free days.

I was passing my friends mums house and I could smell the perfume of the flowers and trees, it was so lovely.

As I walked up the hill the perfume was lovely and it must have been coming from the Thistles. Do Thistles have a perfume?

Walking past my friends mums cottage, I could smell burning. There are no other homes in the surrounding area so I looked about and then I located the smell. If you look at the chimney, you will see smoke billowing out! I love the smell of burning coal or wood.