Friday, 14 May 2010

New Moon

This weeks topic is "New Moon" - the dark side of our towns.


Difficult one for me because you see, I live in the world of Mary Poppins where everyone is lovely and kind, there is no disease, no poverty, just happy, happy, happy!

So I pondered this one as I walked up the hill to my friends house the other day. I can't take my mini cooper up because the sills are too low and the bumps and dips on the long road up to her house would cause alot of damage.

Can you see those devilish clouds in the pictures above and below???? Threatening rain, I didn't have a coat so I was hoping with all hopes that the rain didn't fall. Luckily, my friend came down the hill in her car to collect her youngest son so I remained dry.

The prospect of the long walk up the steep hill was darkly formidable.

I wondered if the bridge was home to any goblins, pixies or devils.


  1. The bridge reminds me of "The Billy Goats Gruff" in which a troll lives under a little footbridge JUST like this. Better watch out!

  2. What a great place to live. You are blessed...well except for those trolls.

  3. I liked your tale of darkness and light - trails and trials and being saved by the good fairy. do you write children's stories, i would think you can if you don't.

    I think I may have confused some participants.... new moon is the night of the month with no light in the sky....- no moon in other words - so therefore dark..... to go with NanU's dark side suggestion.... the topic wasn't new moon but dark side.... trying to think both directions may have been confusing.... but you my dear did a great job of turning light into darkness.

  4. I like the bridge shot- reminds me of a story I had begun. Need to do writing for my real job, lol, and get my head out of fairy tales...

    Love your shots- I got silly as usual!

  5. there could be little goblins under that bridge! love the third shot. the clouds are awesome!!

  6. Kerry took the words right out of my mouth. I saw that bridge and thought of the Billy Goats Gruff. Lovely shoot-out, I think I'd be thinking dark thoughts if I had to trudge up that long hill. Mind you a friend at the top is always a bonus!

  7. You are right about Mary Poppins or Marie in the Sound of Music. Be positive and life will be happier. Count your blessings when life is down.