Thursday, 9 September 2010

Flora, Fauna and Pets

A wild rose taken during the summer at Chirk Castle

I loved the colour of this flower
In memory of my sons Syrian hamster, Blossom who died on Monday
Penny, he was a lovely Russian Dwarf Hamster
Elsa, one of my many guineapigs. I had her from a rescue centre and she should be long haired but her little friend "barbers" it for her
My darling Cola boy

Friday, 20 August 2010

Guess what it is!

Poor show for me this week! However, who can guess what the really tall building is?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Roads and Pathways

Joe and Harry running around the crop circle which is being built in Attington Park walled garden. They loved following the pathway to the centre and back again
Attington Park, this must have been the Stable Managers house because it is attached to the stable block. The flowers were beautiful there, a real cottage garden! The National Trust Volunteers were working really hard.
The Monkey Forest in Staffordshire. It was great seeing all of these monekys living wild in their own packs. This one was busy on our footpath foraging for something
Erddig Hall Gardens, coming through from the Rose Walled Garden into the main garden area.

Jason with Joe riding Cola across the footbridge by our livery yard in Rossett.

On our adventure to Chirk Castle, we followed a grass pathway which led to this little peaceful hide hole

The paths in Chirk Castle gardens led to alsorts of wonderful places with the most amazing plants.

This is the footway into Chirk Castle. The buildings you can see are add ons from when the Castle was built by Edward I in 13th Century.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I love the smell of the sea!
Walking through the woodland part of Chirk Castle we stumbled across a stone hut which probably belongs to the gardener. We peaked through the window and the smell of burnt wood was so powerful. They had been making charcoal there and those sacks are full of it!

Chirk Castle gardens! I love this part of the garden because its like a cottage garden and the smell of flowers is lovely.

The smell of our pony Cola, there is nothing in the world like it. Whenever I smell him I am transported back to childhood and happy care free days.

I was passing my friends mums house and I could smell the perfume of the flowers and trees, it was so lovely.

As I walked up the hill the perfume was lovely and it must have been coming from the Thistles. Do Thistles have a perfume?

Walking past my friends mums cottage, I could smell burning. There are no other homes in the surrounding area so I looked about and then I located the smell. If you look at the chimney, you will see smoke billowing out! I love the smell of burning coal or wood.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Things That Made Me Think of Barry

Barry was one of my first blogging friends and one of the first blogs I ever followed. I loved his superb quality of writing, I loved his view on life, he was perceptive, imaginative and funny. He introduced me to Friday Shoot Out and through him, gave me the confidence to take part. We were fighting cancer at the same time. I am still undergoing treatment but my prognosis is good. I decided to change my blog from because I didn't want to be defined by the disease and now my blog can be found

So, what makes me think of Barry.....

Firstly, you see the picture above in black and white...... He is my heroe, the best ambassedor for Wales, a true heroe among my culture. So why does Owain Glyndwr remind me of Barry? Well..... yes, Barry lived in Canada but we share our celtic heritage, his coming from Scotland and mine from Wales. Different countries yes..... but the same tribe, the same culture and we suffered the same victimisation.

Follow the link at the bottom of my page to find out more about Owain Glyndwr and why he is so revered by my poeple. Barry was the same... a fighter.... passionate.... kind..... a heroe. By coincidence as I sit here writing this my son is wearing his Owain Glyndwr t-shirt and by chance when he starts High School in September he will be in Glyndwr house. No chance of ever forgetting Barry...... (as if anyone could!)

This is a book (picture courtesy of Amazon UK) and one of my favourites. It tells the tale of a dog called Copper and it is written through his eyes. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it is a true story which is cleverly written. I bought a copy of this book and sent it to Barry in the hope that he would be inspired to write a similar story through they eyes of Lindsey. I will read this book again and my thoughts will always be of Barry and Lindsey.

One of Barry's posts was about finding some strange encampments in the woods. I remember it as though it was yesterday and I loved it. Whenever I see a "den" no matter what it looks like I will remember that post and Barry. This particular den is at Chirk Castle in Wales.

Barry loved Lindsey so much and I loved the photos and videos he shared. Do you remember Barry's attempt at creating a vegetable patch in a box..... do you remember the fact that the boxes were raided and for a time Lindsey was under suspician? Even thinking back to that particular adventure brings a smile to my face. So, when I see a dog who looks like Lindsey I will think of Barry. When I go on my own adventures with my dogs (Wilbur pictured above), I will think of Barry.

Most of my blogging has been done in the evening in front of our chiminea. The burning embers creating a perfect backdrop for dramatic and interesting reading. So, on those warm summer evenings, when my fire is burning charismatically away, I will think of Barry.

This is a weird one. For some reason whenever I think of Barry, I think of trees, I am drawn into visions of woodlands. Perhaps it is because Barry was a bit like a tree to me.... Tall, Strong, Brave, Beautiful, FREE, Inspirational, Comforting, Safe, Escaping, Adventurous.
Barry, my fellow fighter in this devastating silent war... I continue the fight in your honour and one day we will find an ultimate cure.
Barry, words are insufficient.... How can I explain what an amazing impact you have had on my life.
You will live on in the hearts and minds of many people and so my Celtic Heroe.... I salute you.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Feet n Shoes

My feet and painted toe nails. Painted teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Water, Rivers, Lakes and Streams

Yesterday my husband and I went to Chirk Castle for lunch and a walk around the gardens. This is the little pond within the gardens, it is so pretty, the photograph doesn't do it justice at all!
No.... not water BUT this is an old drainage pipe through which the water of London used to flow! I just had to share this with you! This is kept at Chirk Castle which I have been visiting since I was 3! It was lived in by the Middleton family until a few years ago and they still have apartments in the Batchelor Tower.

This is a really old photo, taken about 15 years ago at Bala lake. Me and my wonderful little dog Bobbi, she was having her first swim!

The "Cup and Saucer" at Erddig Hall. The Squire used the local rivers to feed his hall and this invention is what did this!

This is a mobile phone picture and I love it so much because of what it means to me! It is a natural water bowl for dogs! My dogs always stop to drink from it although at the moment it is rather empty!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Rocks - Big or Small

These are my two big rocks! Without my husbands support and love, I would never have got threw 2009. Cola, well, he is my therapist and my life coach. He is getting me back to fitness and keeps me focused.
These are my two little rocks, Joe and Harry who, in their own little ways have got me throw the bad times.

My collection of rocks from the beach in Llandudno. They make a very nice surround for the graves of Joe and Harrys first guineapigs - Zippy & Willow.

I collect stones and rocks. I don't look for a particular type, I let myself get drawn to them. I then enjoy painting them. They are placed in front of my entrance door so they keep me focused and positive.

Things that are important to me!


and these are the names of people I think of and give positive energy thoughts to.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Town - Artwork

Oops! I forgot to launch this one in the hope that I could add more pictures to it but ran out of time. The above murial is the window in the shooting star unit where I get my treatments. When the sunshine is on the window the colours are amazing.

This is a funny half head stuck in the grounds of the local library.


So sorry this is late, very late! I do apologise!

Above is one of the very old pubs in Wrexham town centre and is the only thatched roof building in the area, it has been on fire a few times! You can see the menu's displayed on the boards outside.
The menu on Mike Peters guitar for his opening acoustic session at the Gathering in January 2010 - it was totally amazing!

A random photo of a box with a menu of what it should contain.

My Joe next to the ice cream menu at Snugburys ice cream farm mmmmmmmm

Monday, 24 May 2010

Honouring our Heroes

This could have been an easy project for me but me being the numbty head that I am, I forgot my camara! However, I will post the selection that I have and make a mental note not to be so forgetful next time....

This ceanothis was planted to mark the spot where my sons first hamster "Spangles" was buried last year. A strange heroe but she was his heroe. She taught him about love, caring and responsibility. When she became ill, I explained the situation to him and told him that as she was his hamster it was up to him to decided when the time was right to have her put to sleep. He made that brave decision.

This is the War Memorial in Rossett village. My sons are very young in this picture but I can guarantee that this memorial has not changed apart from the floral tributes which are updated regularly. It is dedicated to the memory of those from our village who fell in the two great wars.

This is my big brothers grave stone where his ashes are inturred in the grounds of Gresford Parish Church. The words on his stone say it all. He was my heroe, I walked in his footsteps every single day of my life until the day he died.

The stone in Wrexham town centre dedicated to those heroes who fell during the wars in the far east.