Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So sorry this is late, very late! I do apologise!

Above is one of the very old pubs in Wrexham town centre and is the only thatched roof building in the area, it has been on fire a few times! You can see the menu's displayed on the boards outside.
The menu on Mike Peters guitar for his opening acoustic session at the Gathering in January 2010 - it was totally amazing!

A random photo of a box with a menu of what it should contain.

My Joe next to the ice cream menu at Snugburys ice cream farm mmmmmmmm


  1. Just now getting around to some more FSO. I didn't get to my town had to use I had. This is a nice sampling. Ice Cream shop is my favorite.

  2. I think the ice cream shop was my favourite too, they had so many varieties and it was all made on the farm.