Saturday, 5 March 2011

Things with the letter S

Sea..... Sand....... Seaside..... Singing!
So the shoot out for this week is things with the letter S in your town! I couldn't think of much but came up with some abstract ideas. The picture above was taken on Prestatyn Sands beach at the end of January. It was a Sunday morning and Mike Peters from the Alarm held a walkathon in aid of the Love Hope Strength Foundation and to round off the weekend of the Gathering. We Stood on the Sand by the Sea and Sang!


 This is one of the major Supermarkets in Wrexham town centre ASDA

Breast Test Wales use this transportable unit, taking it to various locations in order to provide mammograms for women, that is Screening for women. This was situated on Asda Supermarket car park.

These are school buildings in Wrexham town centre. It used to be Bromfield girls School. It was closed fairly recently because Wrexham council decided to amalgamate certain Schools and use the Site where this School stands for development. Trouble was the fools didn't do their homework and their was a clause on the land saying that it could only be used for educational purposes so this School stands derelict. 

Swimming Baths

These Swimming baths were built in the 1970's so true to its era the design is quite futuristic and came with lots of design problems. The roof which is shaped like a Mayors hat proved to have lots of problems with water settling in parts and leaks. It is still in use.... I learnt to Swim here as a child and my children still enjoy Swimming here. 
St Davids Day Celebrations on High Street, Wrexham
I know that technically the above and following pictures can't really be classifed as letter S but they are on the Streets of Wrexham and took place on 1st March 2011 - St Davids Day or in welsh Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant. The High Street used to be one of the main Streets in Wrexham town, home to stores and banks but sadly is now home to pubs, wine bars and such like.
St Davids Day Parade
This part of the parade was taken on Charles Street, named after King Charles I as Wrexham was a Royalist town. One of the oldest Streets in the town. 
St Davids Day Celebrations
 Little toddler dressed in Welsh Costume, she was part of the St Davids Day Parade
St Davids Day Parade on Charles Street
 The Cambrian Drummers on Charles Street
St Davids Day Parade

School children part of the St Davids Day Parade
School children were involved in the St Davids Day parade, wearing costumes, waving flags and sporting leeks and daffodils.
St Davids Day Parade

Seven Stars Pub

Ah.... one of my old haunts before I was married - Seven Stars Pub!
Of Course .......... I just couldn't leave myself out of this, after all I am from my town and I begin with the letter S!