Thursday, 24 June 2010

Water, Rivers, Lakes and Streams

Yesterday my husband and I went to Chirk Castle for lunch and a walk around the gardens. This is the little pond within the gardens, it is so pretty, the photograph doesn't do it justice at all!
No.... not water BUT this is an old drainage pipe through which the water of London used to flow! I just had to share this with you! This is kept at Chirk Castle which I have been visiting since I was 3! It was lived in by the Middleton family until a few years ago and they still have apartments in the Batchelor Tower.

This is a really old photo, taken about 15 years ago at Bala lake. Me and my wonderful little dog Bobbi, she was having her first swim!

The "Cup and Saucer" at Erddig Hall. The Squire used the local rivers to feed his hall and this invention is what did this!

This is a mobile phone picture and I love it so much because of what it means to me! It is a natural water bowl for dogs! My dogs always stop to drink from it although at the moment it is rather empty!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Rocks - Big or Small

These are my two big rocks! Without my husbands support and love, I would never have got threw 2009. Cola, well, he is my therapist and my life coach. He is getting me back to fitness and keeps me focused.
These are my two little rocks, Joe and Harry who, in their own little ways have got me throw the bad times.

My collection of rocks from the beach in Llandudno. They make a very nice surround for the graves of Joe and Harrys first guineapigs - Zippy & Willow.

I collect stones and rocks. I don't look for a particular type, I let myself get drawn to them. I then enjoy painting them. They are placed in front of my entrance door so they keep me focused and positive.

Things that are important to me!


and these are the names of people I think of and give positive energy thoughts to.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Town - Artwork

Oops! I forgot to launch this one in the hope that I could add more pictures to it but ran out of time. The above murial is the window in the shooting star unit where I get my treatments. When the sunshine is on the window the colours are amazing.

This is a funny half head stuck in the grounds of the local library.


So sorry this is late, very late! I do apologise!

Above is one of the very old pubs in Wrexham town centre and is the only thatched roof building in the area, it has been on fire a few times! You can see the menu's displayed on the boards outside.
The menu on Mike Peters guitar for his opening acoustic session at the Gathering in January 2010 - it was totally amazing!

A random photo of a box with a menu of what it should contain.

My Joe next to the ice cream menu at Snugburys ice cream farm mmmmmmmm