Monday, 24 May 2010

Honouring our Heroes

This could have been an easy project for me but me being the numbty head that I am, I forgot my camara! However, I will post the selection that I have and make a mental note not to be so forgetful next time....

This ceanothis was planted to mark the spot where my sons first hamster "Spangles" was buried last year. A strange heroe but she was his heroe. She taught him about love, caring and responsibility. When she became ill, I explained the situation to him and told him that as she was his hamster it was up to him to decided when the time was right to have her put to sleep. He made that brave decision.

This is the War Memorial in Rossett village. My sons are very young in this picture but I can guarantee that this memorial has not changed apart from the floral tributes which are updated regularly. It is dedicated to the memory of those from our village who fell in the two great wars.

This is my big brothers grave stone where his ashes are inturred in the grounds of Gresford Parish Church. The words on his stone say it all. He was my heroe, I walked in his footsteps every single day of my life until the day he died.

The stone in Wrexham town centre dedicated to those heroes who fell during the wars in the far east.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Trip to the Zoo

Penny, my sons Russian Dwarf Hamster RIP
This weeks topic is a tough one for me because I havent been to the zoo in years! However, many people joke about my home and call it a mini zoo so I thought I would share a couple of my snaps with you.

Penny died aged just over two a few months ago and he was the sweetest dwarf hamster you could have wished for. He taught my son so many things, the most important being empathy. I owed that hamster alot.

We now have two Russian Dwarf Hamsters called Mini and Cooper and my eldest son has a Syrian hamster called Blossom.


We have two miniature schnauzer dogs called Pickles and Wilbur but I also look after my friends Cairn terrier during the week while she is at work.

We have a Fell pony called Coca Cola or Cola for short. He is 19 years old and a native to this country. He is a stocky fellow and totally adorable.

Cola being brought in
Apart from the hamsters, the dogs and Cola we also have 8 guineapigs: Arthur, Patch, Elsa, Jules, Snowdrop, Sparky Petal, Polly and Jessica and 5 rabbits: Snuggles, Albert, Ralph, Bramble and Duffy.
So there you are, hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Rossett Zoo!

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Moon

This weeks topic is "New Moon" - the dark side of our towns.


Difficult one for me because you see, I live in the world of Mary Poppins where everyone is lovely and kind, there is no disease, no poverty, just happy, happy, happy!

So I pondered this one as I walked up the hill to my friends house the other day. I can't take my mini cooper up because the sills are too low and the bumps and dips on the long road up to her house would cause alot of damage.

Can you see those devilish clouds in the pictures above and below???? Threatening rain, I didn't have a coat so I was hoping with all hopes that the rain didn't fall. Luckily, my friend came down the hill in her car to collect her youngest son so I remained dry.

The prospect of the long walk up the steep hill was darkly formidable.

I wondered if the bridge was home to any goblins, pixies or devils.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Things We Like to Touch

There are so many things I like to touch so I can't include everthing! I loved to touch my children when they were babies and toddlers. I loved to hold their little chubby hands and feet and their soft, soft skin.
I like to touch my guineapigs. They come in all shapes and sizes and different coat types. Elsa, pictured above is thin because she is elderly but she has a big soft tummy and lovely, long silky hair. The others have shorter, courser hair.

I love to touch my dog Wilbur because he is such a softy. He loves being touched and cuddled and can never get close enough to me.

I like to touch my other dog Pickles, her coat is totally different to Wilburs. I especially like to touch her ears which are so soft and silky.

When my hair was growing back, I loved to touch it. I would feel each hair follicle as it was bursting through and be amazed at the downy softness of my growing hair.

I like to touch leaves on plants and trees, marvelling at their coolness and texture.
I like to touch flannellette sheets, sand in the sunshine, water on a hot day and so many other things....

Tuesday, 4 May 2010