Monday, 26 July 2010

Things That Made Me Think of Barry

Barry was one of my first blogging friends and one of the first blogs I ever followed. I loved his superb quality of writing, I loved his view on life, he was perceptive, imaginative and funny. He introduced me to Friday Shoot Out and through him, gave me the confidence to take part. We were fighting cancer at the same time. I am still undergoing treatment but my prognosis is good. I decided to change my blog from because I didn't want to be defined by the disease and now my blog can be found

So, what makes me think of Barry.....

Firstly, you see the picture above in black and white...... He is my heroe, the best ambassedor for Wales, a true heroe among my culture. So why does Owain Glyndwr remind me of Barry? Well..... yes, Barry lived in Canada but we share our celtic heritage, his coming from Scotland and mine from Wales. Different countries yes..... but the same tribe, the same culture and we suffered the same victimisation.

Follow the link at the bottom of my page to find out more about Owain Glyndwr and why he is so revered by my poeple. Barry was the same... a fighter.... passionate.... kind..... a heroe. By coincidence as I sit here writing this my son is wearing his Owain Glyndwr t-shirt and by chance when he starts High School in September he will be in Glyndwr house. No chance of ever forgetting Barry...... (as if anyone could!)

This is a book (picture courtesy of Amazon UK) and one of my favourites. It tells the tale of a dog called Copper and it is written through his eyes. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it is a true story which is cleverly written. I bought a copy of this book and sent it to Barry in the hope that he would be inspired to write a similar story through they eyes of Lindsey. I will read this book again and my thoughts will always be of Barry and Lindsey.

One of Barry's posts was about finding some strange encampments in the woods. I remember it as though it was yesterday and I loved it. Whenever I see a "den" no matter what it looks like I will remember that post and Barry. This particular den is at Chirk Castle in Wales.

Barry loved Lindsey so much and I loved the photos and videos he shared. Do you remember Barry's attempt at creating a vegetable patch in a box..... do you remember the fact that the boxes were raided and for a time Lindsey was under suspician? Even thinking back to that particular adventure brings a smile to my face. So, when I see a dog who looks like Lindsey I will think of Barry. When I go on my own adventures with my dogs (Wilbur pictured above), I will think of Barry.

Most of my blogging has been done in the evening in front of our chiminea. The burning embers creating a perfect backdrop for dramatic and interesting reading. So, on those warm summer evenings, when my fire is burning charismatically away, I will think of Barry.

This is a weird one. For some reason whenever I think of Barry, I think of trees, I am drawn into visions of woodlands. Perhaps it is because Barry was a bit like a tree to me.... Tall, Strong, Brave, Beautiful, FREE, Inspirational, Comforting, Safe, Escaping, Adventurous.
Barry, my fellow fighter in this devastating silent war... I continue the fight in your honour and one day we will find an ultimate cure.
Barry, words are insufficient.... How can I explain what an amazing impact you have had on my life.
You will live on in the hearts and minds of many people and so my Celtic Heroe.... I salute you.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Feet n Shoes

My feet and painted toe nails. Painted teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness!