Friday, 19 March 2010

Your Favourite Colour

I like lots of colours for different reasons; I like blue because it reminds me of blue skies and cornflowers. I like yellow for sunshine and sunflowers and green for the colour of grass. However, if I were to single just one colour out, it would have to be RED. Above is a picture of my two boys in the sea at Llandudno. They look so lovely in their red coats and Harry's red wellies!
"come roll out the red carpet, come bugler sound his horn, for the heroe is returning, we're gonna welcome him to his home....." This picture was taken when Her Majesty the Queen visited Wrexham to open the new Techniquest Centre. Jason was on the search team party at this visit making sure there were no terrorist attacks. I loved that day, seeing Mike Peters play, meeting him, meeting the Queen and Prince Philip.

I love my RED Mini Cooper as well - it certainly DOES rock!

I like to wear red nail polish and red lipstick. I think wearing red gives me confidence, it makes me feel good, it gives me the power to go out and face bad things.

I always think of Father Christmas wearing his red tunic and all the lovely feelings associated with that time of year. Red berries on holly, christmas decorations, Turkey with all the trimmings.....

Harry wearing a red turban. This was my favourite head scarf because it helped me to feel good about myself when I felt so bad.
So my favourite colour is RED!


  1. Oh Sara I love your post and seeing the queen so up close is kind of fun for me! I like this color and other shades as well- sexy, alive, and so much more!

    I also like the last photo, and I am hijacking the first one for our new banner, which I am sure everyone has thought I forgot, but nope!

  2. Red is such a rich and vibrant colour.

    I don't think I've ever actually seen a red carpet, much less greeted the Queen on one.

    I like your feet, by the way. lol

  3. Oh wow you are so close to the Queen, awesome!

    My favorite color: Yellow

  4. your first photo is really nice... I love the boys in red against the cold ocean. nice shot - good color choice. I liked the red toes too.

  5. the shot of your boys is so cute! and love the red carpet, it is magnificent!!

  6. This was a great shoot out post. Sometimes I find it hard to get it just right. You did. Congrats.

  7. Oh I love your photos, so pure, so inviting. I wanted to be there with you all enjoying the beach; I can't imagine meeting the Queen. I did meet President Obama, while he was running for office as I worked on his campaign here in SC.... I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

  8. That red nail polish suit your skin color, red is such a vibrant and happy color, very uplifting!

  9. Red is a great color that makes things pop! Life colors would be boring without red! Love the Santa mailbox and the red boots splashing in the water.