Saturday, 13 March 2010

Wrought Iron

One of the cannons at Plas Newydd house on Anglesea, I am not sure if it is made from wrought iron!
Kissing gates at Erddig Hall, really old and really sweet.

The back entrance gates into Erddig Hall.
Wrexham is well known for its mineral richness, that is coal and iron. Bersham Ironworks is a heritage centre now and there is evidence of romans mining for iron here.


  1. I'll bet the cannon is made of iron. Now that you've led the way, I'm remembering all sorts of shows to cannons I've taken over the years that I could have used.

    If only I'd thought.

  2. love your selections Sara! hope you are doing well. have a great weekend!!

  3. Love the cannon, I forgot about those! I have a funny photo of my hubby sitting on top of a stack of iron cannon balls- you have to get his humor!

    Can you imagine why it took two men to put them in the cannon? Heavy stuff huh? Okay enough with the silly humor!