Sunday, 28 February 2010

Anniversary my favourite theme - Domestic Animals

Sorry for my late participation but Ghost Hunts and horses have gotten in the way somehow.

For the 1st anniversary I have chosen my topic as Domesticated Animals because animals are my life.

I have started off with a picture of Penny aged 2 1/2 a Russion Dwarf Hamster belonging to my son Harry. Sadly, Penny died on Friday. He has left a big gap in our lives.

This is Elsa one of my 8 guineapigs. She lives inside the house now because she lost quite alot of weight half way through winter.
Pickles, my miniature schnauzer bitch who is 6 years old with her clip.

Wilbur my 2 year old miniature schnauzer.

Snowdrop one of the older guineas.

Polly one of my rescue guineas.

The latest addition to our family - Cola!


  1. before I posted the spotlight feature on TownBlogger - I checked mrLinky one more time - you must have posted right after.... I am sorry because I think Wilbur would have made the final cut for the post.... great domesticated animals. and thanks for your extra effort to post this week.

  2. Sara, I love it that animals are your life. I wish we were neighbors. I would have shed real tears when Penny died.