Sunday, 25 April 2010


Sorry for my late posting I was hoping to have had my camara back by now but alas, I am still camara-less. I am disappointed because this is a great topic and I love trees, I have so many favourites in my village. Anyway, I have taken a couple from my archive. this shot is in Darland Woods with the trees edging the lake - so pretty.
Apologies for the poor quality of the next two but they were taken on my mobile phone and both are in Darland Woods. The picture above is my dogs natural water bowl. It always seems to collect water and the dogs love to take a sip or two.

I took this photo so that each year I can see how the hole in the tree is progressing.


  1. I wrote you a nice long comment and poooof! blogger lost it (if two show up please delete one)
    I will try to repeat.
    It is a pleasure to see your posts late or no. the only problem with late is you won't receive many comments (I hope I am proven wrong) our FSO gang seems to be mainly a Friday response group.
    I love the tree where your dog drinks, it looks like it has two human feet.
    isn't it funny about dogs, ours spritzer, like to drink off the sidewalk, I pour him nice fresh, filtered water from the kitchen and he will ignore it as long as there is water collected in the stones crevices.
    have a great weekend.

  2. Better late than not at all, Sara.

    Love your drinking bowl, tree. My dog is the same, the minute he is set free he goes for a drink from the pond which is green and murky, as if he doesn't have good fresh water left for him! And he also loves to drink from puddles.
    Hope you have your camera back soon!

  3. Sorry about your camera maybe it will be back soon. I like your trees and I think that it is such a good subject that we should do it again soon.